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M A S S Temple Project

Melbourne Ayyappa Seva Sangam is to build a traditional Lord Sree Ayyappa Temple in Melbourne

Mission :

The mission of Melbourne Ayyappa Seva Sangam (MASS) is to build the traditional Lord Sree Ayyappa Swamyy Temple in Melbourne with unique architectural design and values in line with Tantrik Hindu Agama Sasthra and Vastu Sasthra. Sree Ayyappa Temple will serve the purpose of providing a place of worship for all devotees who believes and follows devotional values of Lord Sree Ayyappa Swamy and hails his neutral respect of other religions. The temple supports all of our community activities for all age groups.

Sree Ayyappa Temple and Cultural Centre Objectives:

The Temple will Operate a place of Hindu worship and conducting rituals in line with Tantrik Hindu Agama Sasthra which will aid cultural and spiritual developments of our community.
The cultural centre strives to fulfil the community needs of understanding the rich Hindu religious heritage, traditions, philosophy and culture.

The Project :

The estimated project value is $4.5 million (staged three phases). MASS successfully completed the stage -1 of Temple project (Land acquisition) to build Lord Sree Ayyappa Swamy Temple in Pearcedale, Victoria in April 2019 with MASS members and devoteeā€™s support . The stage-2 of Temple project requires $ 3 million over twelve months period, by leading the effort and donating generously will encourage other members of our community to be actively participate in this dream project.

Mode of Donations:

Individual donations; Any donations welcome.
Direct bank transfer :-
Account Name: MASS Building Fund
BSB:063121 A/C: 11222119
Mode of donation by online : www.massayyappa.org.au

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