1. Monthly pooja

MASS is conducting once a month monthly pooja’s according to Sabrimala calendar in a Neutral venue . All our monthly poojas includes, Sree MahaGanapathi Pooja , Sree Subramanya Pooja , SreeBhagavathi Pooja, Sree Ayyappa Swamy Abishekam, Bhajans , Padi Pooja and Annadhanam.

2. Annual mandala pooja

MASS conducting Annual Mandala pooja according to Sabarimala traditions once a year in Viruchagam Month ( December) in a Neutral Venue . All poojas are conducted by Bangalore Jalahalli Shri Ayyappan temple Ex melshanthi: Shri Shankara Narayan Potty( India) and Shri Dinesh kumar Namboothiri ( India), Jeyan ShankaraNarayan Potty.
It’s the whole day pooja starts from morning 5 AM until 8 PM which consist of Sree Maha Ganapathi Homam, Sree Maha Mrityunjaya Homam, Sree Navagraha Pooja, Morning Annadhanam, Sree Maha Vishnu Pooja ,Sree Ayyappa swamy morning Abhishekam, Neelanjana Seva , Sree Naaga( Serpent) Pooja , Ucha Kala Pooja, Vidyarambam and Annaprasana for kids , Afternoon Annadhaanam , Sree Devi Pooja , Sree Ayyappa Swamy evening Abhishekam & Multilingual bhajans, Archana & holy 18 steps Padi pooja . Evening Annadhanam and Aravanapayasam.

3. Padi Pooja

The padi pooja is one of the most sacred rites of Sabarimala performed at all the steps.
The 18 steps of sabarimala is believed to be the symbolic representation of the life, spirit and environment and its believed to be represent the following.
• 18 hills around Sabarimala and 18 maladevatas
• 18 Philosophy of human body and Jeevatma
• 18 chapters of Bhagavad Gita.
• 18 purana and 18 upapurana of Hindu epics
• 18 weapons of Lord Ayyappa
• 18 glands of the body.According to yoga sastra the Kundalini power reaches parabrahma after passing through all 18 glands.

The Holy 18 steps Padi pooja conducted in all Monthly poojas and annual Mandala pooja .

4. Annadhanam

Annadhanam is Sharing food which signifies sharing life. Among all the forms of charity, Annadhanam is considered as an act of highest virtue. All the other human needs like clothes, shelter, and education impact only the quality of life but the food impacts the life itself.
Annadhanam has other advantages over other forms of charity. While bhoodhan, godhan, vastradhan and vidyadhan can be performed only by person of wealth, Annadhanam is within every one’s reach.
Finally, there is limit to how much one can eat but there is no limit to how much one can give and gain vault MASS offering Annadhanam to all devotees in all monthly poojas and annual mandala poojas …